Founder & CEO

Hon. Moses O. T. Owharo
Founder & CEO

Hon. Owharo is the Founder and CEO of Aidez’ Small Projects International. He has numerous certificates and trainings to his credit including but not limited to Microfinance/ Credit Management, Reproductive Health, NGO/ CSO Management, Malaria Control strategies, Poverty Reduction, Tuberculosis Prevention & Treatment, Program Design and Monitoring & Evaluation.

He has undertaken series of International Professional trainings in Kenya, the USA and Nigeria, including MFI Cost Control and Financial Sustainability, Business Planning and Modeling For Microfinance Institutions (facilitated by Charles Waterfield and Tony Sheldon), a Management Workshop on PMI Malaria Community Program Grantees Projects with USAID-GSCP, AED USAID, and Certificate in Global Health with distinction from Global Health Mini- University, Center for Global Health, the Cloyd Heck Marvin Center, George Washington University

He has about a decade’s experience in NGO Management and Coordination, having worked for Dignity International, Human Rights Programs and as a Credit Group Co-Ordinator. He currently holds the position of the Southern Zone Secretary of the Association of Financial NGO’s (ASSFIN), the Volta Region Executive General Secretary and the Ketu District Vice Chairman of the All Nigerian Community in Ghana.
His passion and leadership qualities are focused towards eradicating poverty; malaria and helping the less privileged discover their potential to raise themselves out of poverty and diseases. He works tirelessly, regularly travelling from Accra to the Volta region to help, monitor and build relationships with the health officials and community leaders in the Volta region. His hands-on approach has won him many admirers within and outside of the communities ASPI operates in. His current challenges include finding funds to sustain ASPI’s current health projects, loan facilities for the Microfinance Program and funds to expand the ASPI program across West Africa.

His good work has been acknowledged with recommendation and certificates by Ghana Sustainable Change Project (GSCP), Project of Academic for Education AED, Operation Rescue Africa International Inc. in the Volta Region of Ghana, and the development of Volta region and the Nigeria community.