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“Generosity is the bridge that connects dreams to reality, and by giving, we build pathways to a better future for all.” – Sarah Johnson, Philanthropist and Advocate for Social Change


Aidez Small Project International (ASPI)


Aidez Small Project International (ASPI) is also known as Aidez Small International Initiative. We are a None Profit Organization (NPO) who views poverty as a multi-faceted concern, defined not only by economic status, but by access to education, good health and political voice. Our unique approach is designed to address each of these needs by providing Africa’s men and women with the resources, skills and information necessary to raise themselves out of poverty

Our Core

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Our Mission

ASPI’s mission is to promote economic opportunity and improve the health infrastructure and livelihood of poor families through the provision of integrated financial and health services

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a dynamic self-sustaining saving and loan company, with the innovation to pioneer an integrated model of service delivery.

Our Commitments

ASPI views its dedicated volunteers as the critical building blocks for successful implementation of its community-based programs.

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Our Focus Areas

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ASPI Services

Savings facilitation

ASPI administers very small “micro” loans to the working poor, in support of their small-scale enterprise and business operations.

ASPI Services

Agriculture Supports

ASPI leverages on the technical experiences and resources from the United Nation’s World Food Programme (WFP) as partners to solve hunger problems in Africa

ASPI Services

SME Supports

ASPI helps Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and ensures that participants receive training in entrepreneurial skills so they can grow successful businesses

ASPI Services

Health Education

ASPI plays a key role in preventing the spread of Conoravirus, malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS throughout Africa’s rural communities especially in Ghana and Nigeria

ASPI Services

Health Services

ASPI in partnership with WHO provides People-centred and integrated health services to help critical conditions such as COVID-19 and other pandemic.

ASPI Services

Real Estate

ASPI facilitates affordable and loan properties in the form of buying, selling, brokering, management or investment on real estate properties

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Block 2, AJEOLE apartments,  Mile 11 New Weija,  P.O. Box WJ 856 Weija Accra, Ghana

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