Who We Are

ASPI was conceived in 2000, when a group of concerned volunteers resolved to address an unmet need for health services in Ghana’s rural communities. These were the organization’s first Community Based Agents (CBA’s) and their grassroots efforts engendered a lasting commitment to local participation and empowerment. Over several years the movement grew, as traditional chiefs and political leaders invited the group to support a growing number of communities throughout the country. In 2003, Moses O.T. Owharo, founder and CEO, legally registered ASPI as a non-governmental organization.

Keeping to its expansion plan in Africa, ASPI is incorporated with Corporate Affair Commission (CAC) in 2019, and partners various government Ministries and agencies in Nigeria and working to incorporate in other countries. Recognizing the dynamic relationship between economic opportunity and health, ASPI expanded its health platform to include a micro finance component in 2004. This improved model of care quickly grew in demand, as the organization responded to clients’ needs by developing diverse new products and services. Today, with funding from supporting partners, ASPI’s integrated financial and health services to more than 70,000 clients throughout the Greater Accra and Volta Region of Ghana.