ASPI Tuberculosis Prevention Program

Since 2006, ASPI has run its tuberculosis (TB) prevention program in partnership with the National Tuberculosis Control Program (NTP) and under sponsorship by the Global Fund. The organization has succeeded in reaching more than 10,600 people in 10 communities throughout Ketu District during that time. It implements a specialized behaviour change communication (BCC) curriculum, designed to reduce transmission of TB through early detection and treatment. This model is founded on NTP’s proven techniques, tailored to the specific cultural norms of Ketu District residents, and implemented at the community and household level by ASPI CBA’s. To date, CBA’s have identified 12 suspected cases of TB during house-to-house visits and credit group meetings, and referred clients to local health facilities; four cases were confirmed and immediately treated. Further activities include community durbars,3 educational campaigns at local churches, schools, and marketplaces, and distribution of information, education, and communication (IEC) materials throughout Ketu District. The organization is currently awaiting approval for contract renewal in 2008.

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