From November, 2006 to March, 2007, ASPI implemented an HIV/AIDS prevention and support program in the Ayawaso Sub-Metropolitan District of Ghana’s Greater Accra Region. The program was a pilot project, run in partnership with Ghana Aids Commission (MSHAP) and the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), to test the effectiveness of integrating microfinance and HIV/AIDS health education services. Activities included one large community durbar focused on the prevention of HIV/AIDS transmission and de-stigmatization of the disease for PLWHA; delivery of HIV/AIDS health education during credit group meetings; and distribution of IEC materials and condoms at each venue. Program messages and materials were delivered entirely in the local languages of Twi and Ewe. Initial surveys indicated strong positive feedback from the Ayawaso community; however, MSHAP failed to release almost 2/3 of contracted funds and ASPI was therefore unable to conduct a comprehensive evaluation. ASPI is currently lobbying MSHAP to fulfil its contractual obligations, so that it may re-instate and formally evaluate the program, and address the unmet need for HIV/AIDS services in the Ayawaso Sub-District of Greater Accra.





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