Rev. Sr. Mmadu Ijeoma Christiana


Rev. Sister Mmadu Christiana join ASPI in October 2022 as a result of the ASPI humanitarian service she is interested in doing and hope that one day she will have the opportunity to be part of a humanitarian organization so in 2021, she discovered the work of good of ASPI and she joined it membership as a volunteer, and ever since she has being contributing to the work of ASPI including being part of the ASPI team that singed the MoU on medical equipment delivery to Africa on 15th March, 2023, under ASPI “Health Infrastructure, Community Integrated Reproductive, Maternal Child Health Improvement & Disease Prevention Program” with Project C.U.R.E USA. Based in New York, the united stated of America, Rev. Srs. Christiana hope to use her skills and experience in Agronomy, enterprise development and community support services to assist ASPI activing including lobbying for resources to promote ASPI.

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