Our Unique Approach


Our Unique Approach

ASPI views poverty as a multi-faceted concern, defined not only by economic status, but by access to education, good health, and a political voice. Our unique approach is designed to address each of these needs by providing Africa’s men and women with the resources, skills, and information necessary to raise themselves out of poverty.

ASPI strategically integrates financial and health services to create a targeted and mutually supporting model of service delivery. The microfinance schema regularly brings together large groups of the working poor, providing an ideal opportunity for the delivery of health services and education. Financial services offer clients the economic viability to protect their own health, as well as that of their families and, in turn, improved health leads to more productive and prosperous citizens.

ASPI employs a participatory methodology to implement its integrated model, recruiting and training local residents to deliver culturally-appropriate care in the field. These Community Based Agents (CBAs) are encouraged to leverage their knowledge of local customs and norms, as well as relationships with friends and neighbours, to tailor service delivery in their own communities. CBAs are highly valued for their role in fostering trust among community members and defining overall program success.

ASPI’s unique approach is currently attracting attention from major international development agencies, such as UNICEF and the World Health Organization, and promises to be a critical step toward poverty alleviation in Africa with special focus on Nigeria and Ghana.


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