Aidez Small Project International (ASPI) incorporated in June 2003, is a non-governmental organization committed to improving health,

livelihoods, and economic opportunities for women and their families.

ASPI has empowered those in need with the knowledge and resources necessary to not only seek and receive better healthcare, but also influence better health service quality, leading to a higher level of self-sufficiency. ASPI operates in two areas of the social service sector: microfinance and health care education and support.

Through these integrated financial and health services, ASPI is dedicated to reducing preventable child and maternal morbidity and mortality.

ASPI has formed a formidable consortium of Ghanaian and international organizations to provide integrated services aimed at improving maternal and child health outcomes. Our team employs a participatory methodology, recruiting and training local residents as Community Based Agents (CBAs) to deliver culturally appropriate, integrated services in the field.

CBAs are the critical building blocks of the organization’s

various health programs, highly valued for their role in fostering trust

among community members, and defining overall program success.

With over 11 years’ experience improving the livelihood of local communities in Ghana, we are well positioned to contribute to building stronger health systems in our catchment areas and contribute to reducing maternal and child health indicators.

ASPI partners includes the USAID, UN WFP and Ghana Health service etc