Organziational Overview

Aidez Small Project International (ASPI) is an NGO that is devoted to making lives better by educating and improving the health and livelihood of people across the country and beyond. With our total commitment to improving a healthy lifestyle, economic growth, and poverty eradication simultaneously, we offer integrated services in health, finance, and human right. We have been in existence since June 2003, operating mainly in the Volta and Greater Accra Regions of Ghana. We have undertaken various social and economic intervention projects including the education and prevention of malaria, HIV/AIDS prevention, Tuberculosis, and reproductive health programmes in various communities in the country. ASPI also gives out microloans to groups and individuals, small and medium enterprises among others under its microfinance scheme.  The organization employs an integrated model of service delivery to efficiently and effectively reach Ghana’s working poor.

ASPI Mission & Vision

ASPI’s mission is to promote economic opportunity and improve the health and livelihood of poor families through the provision of integrated financial and health services. 
ASPI’s vision is to become a dynamic, self-sustaining savings and loan company, with the innovation to pioneer an integrated model of service delivery.

Guiding Principles

  • Reach the “poorest of the poor”, especially women and children
  • Empower those in need with the knowledge and resources necessary to realize opportunity and achieve self-sufficiency
  • Honor a participatory methodology
  • Anticipate client’s needs and respond by developing diverse products and services
  • Ensure transparency, accountability, and integrity in all organizational practices